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Geeky Shizzle

Hey Guys, I'm finished with my first badge of exams
So while the days get longer again and the snow starts melting, I want to share some of my personal geek collection with you ^-^

Big siblings make your life hell but also leave their imprints of music, games and hobbies on us - for me the most fun were probably the games she showed me :)

Tomb Raider was cool, tough, and still somewhat girly with a lot of sexappeal and two big guns.
Oh btw this is not supposed to be one of these 'my favorite character can kick your character in the balls', just sharing .-.

I played the early TR with my sister and the neighbours kids, we would sit together for hours in front of my parents Windows computer and go through the game guide, while my sister (as the oldest of us) would slay the pixelated scary monsters.

It wasn't until 2002-4 when I started playing them myself, the monsters were simply too scary - they were too pixly to recognize what the hell was actually attacking you!

Last year I …