Hi there, you stumbled across my site ^_^ as you probably can tell, I am new to blogging. My site is just in its buildup, so please, be nice

I am a 23 y/o student in the considerably young field of Bioinformatics.

This blog has two purposes, one being that I get my bum moving and improving my grades by showing & telling what I am studying and for the other as a creative outlet.
Because just hitting the books doesn't mean living...

I will share my own materials for as many courses I have during the semesters with you, so maybe somebody who thinks about studying Bioinformatics, can get an insight of the courses and the stuff we are doing.

Please let me know if there is any specific topic you would like me to look into or explain, I will try my best to create How-To's or write an explanation for any topic in the field .___.

Grotta Lighthouse, Reykjavik 2014 - Morning View

Mononaftis Beach Area, Crete 2015 - late Noon

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