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Dobby is free now!

Of this day today... I am free

Or at least for this part of my semester. Yesterday night I held a presentation that went 45min long about the "Practical Limitations of Protein Function Prediction" for my main seminar in the 5th semester of Bioinformatics.
Since yesterday I have slept alot. I didn't go to bed the past 3 weeks earlier than 3 am, which likewise proved counterproductive for the rest of the days, I usually started work around night. 6pm is my work intensive phase,  at least my brain seems to feel that way ._.
This week I won't be going to class anymore until Monday again, instead I will be working up the stuff I missed last week and then additionally to that, transfer my other posts from Weebly to Blogger.
Wouldn't want all that hard work go to waste would we?

How To - Bayes Theorem

I don't know about you but when the Bayes Theorem came up first in my class - I sucked at it.
Frankly I was too lazy to look into it, well at first I really tried and thought I got it.
But now I totally got it... and it makes so much sense now, I would like to beat my older me with a tennis racket -__-

So here we go, 10min tops - if you are one of the slow ones like me

In this tutorial we will use the Bayes Theorem to compute one of the basic exercises in statistics.
Seriously, this case study comes up every time ._.

A Zombie Virus was leaked and the World Health Org has created a test that can identify infected citizens - as you know, it is highly desirable to identify the right people and protect the healthy ones...
Ca. 5% of the population have the Virus.
The test has a positive success rate of 85%, correctly identifying sick people. Only in 10% of the cases, the test identifies people as sick, although they are healthy.

What we want to know is, how high are the chances, that you are s…

How To - Masses & Solutions 1 - Chemistry

Hey there, I have had a lot of trouble with this one - probably also because I didn't practice so much...
Making solutions and solvents of solutions is difficult, to me.
So today we are gonna fix that ._.

To calculate solutions with a concentration, there is a very simple formula the so called
Andreas-Cross, this is what it looks like:

We have two overlapping arrows with the target solution (Sol Z) and it's concentration we want to produce in the middle.
The left side shows our base material (Solution I (Sol X), Solution II (Sol Y) and their respective concentrations) and on the right we will get how many parts of each solution we need to create Sol Z, by subtracting the percentage from Sol Z from Sol X / Sol Y and taking the modulus from that.
*BUTT* Take a good look at the picture - Sol Y tells you how many parts of Sol X you need and the other way too!!

1. Example
Sol X = 35% Acid; Sol Y = 15% Acid
We want a 22% Solution mixed from Sol X and Sol Y

Tadaa - if you got to here, congrats.…

Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron

When I checked my newsfeed this morning I basically lost my shit waking up - the official trailer for next years sequel to Marvel's The Avengers has been leaked!!!


Shifting and weird dated Posts following

Initially I launched my first Blog on - I did not know very much about the blogger world out there.
My former blog has the same name there, at the moment it is still active (

It's been a little over a month now, and I want to move all my posts over here.

Why the hassle you might wonder (or not because you don't really give a damn)?

Weebly charges for the premium version of their blogs, without that you basically loose oversight over your own blog,
visitors won't be able to find my tutorials because the amount of tutorials with the same label will become too much, eventually.

They don't support a proper following protocol, people will drop by once, forget your name and gone they are again...

I don't really care if I gain more followers by shifting to Blogger, all I want to do is put out my tutorials for Bioinformatics and keep this as my own archive^^ -
with the opportunity for people to find help,
maybe they don't have to start from…

WIP - I am backed up

I know it's the start of a new semester and I don't have homework and blah...
But I have a presentation in 3 weeks, which was I think 75% for a course + 25% participation in the discussion of other presentations.
Basically you learn how to work out a topic and present it to your classmates / future science colleagues.

I just happen to be the 4th this semester.
The documentation to my presentation will probably be uploaded after that,
my topic is "Practical Limitations of Function Prediction"

Just to make sure you guys don't think I am lazy...

Yes, I use a Mac... But I also work with Linux and Windows...
Currently on the stack of WIP are:
- Gluconeogenesis
- Linear Regression
- Metabolism
- Hardy Weinberg Law
- Introduction to Java

The order of these topics doesn't mean anything, basically I do what I need most at the time and when I get overly OCD because I have unfinished parts... like Intro to Java... or the Gluconeogenesis :O

You can take bets on what comes out next, I…

Norway in December - it's not cold enough here!

Hey guys, I just booked my flight to a friend of mine :)

In December I will travel from Munich over Oslo to Trondheim.
Although it is South-ish and in the middle of Norway I hope to catch some Northern lights,
since on my last trip in April, the lights were considerably weak that night.

Oh and something else - when you fly to Norway, book via SAS - don't ever go to Norwegian airlines...

I planned my trip for 3 weeks now and Norwegian went up pretty steep with its prices,
which is okay and perfectly normal if you don't buy your ticket exactly 3 months earlier to get the early bird price - but they charged separately for your ticket; your luggage (both ways); for your seats (since i stop in Oslo, I need 4 flights in total = 4 seats) ans accommodations, like a blanket or snacks are prices up, too.

Luckily my guardian angel or so declined my credit card 5 times when I wanted to finalise my booking.
So I panicked and checked over at SAS,
I didn't look there before because I thought that…

5th Semester

First day back in Uni, to whom it may concern - I study in two institutions:

The old and prestigious Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich and the young, energetic Technical University in Munich (TUM).

Basically we have courses in both campuses and I have to travel more than 15km occasionally during a normal day.

Sponsor of drugs - Emmi sponsors our uni every year with thousands of ready-to-go coffees at the start of a new semester, I really feel appreciated :D THANKYOU EMMI ❤️

This semester we get to pick extra curriculum courses of our choice,

my first one was Evolutionary Genetics and the second was rather a happy accident^^

Right after Evol.Gen. The class Virology 1 starts next door - and I clearly can say, I have a thing for highly infectious diseases and their agents.

Amino Acids - How to Prep your Memory

For Biochemistry I we had to learn all essential amino acids by heart, sort them according to their properties and be able to draw all of them.
For quick starts I recommend the Amino Acid Quiz by Sporcle on the web - it's like a memory game, where you can measure how much time you need to remember the names when you see the structures.
This helped me major at the beginning.

When you need to draw all of them, I can only recommend you to do so. I was able to distinguish all AAs after my 5th round of drawing them, it's really not that difficult,
it's even easier when you start drawing them sorted in groups - the properties I mentioned before

Non polar side chains:

Polar side chains:

Electrically charged acidic AAs:

Electrically charged basic AAs:

My best time for the memory quiz I mentioned at the beginning of this post was 45 seconds...
Can you beat me ? :p