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How To - CYK Algorithm

In this quick post I try to explain the basics of the Cock-Younger-Kasami (CYK) Algorithm to you.
This shouldn't take more than 15min for you to understand,
since I am terrible at logic and math related studies - if I could do it so can you :D

The CYK is a theoretical construct that can be used to find context free languages by feeding grammar and its production rules into a table and see wether a word from the language you wish to identify, matches up with these rules.
To make this process run smooth, the production rules must be formatted in such way that it matches Chomsky Normal Form (CNF) standards;

on the left hand side of a production rule stands a non-terminal symbol (a variable)
on the right hand side of a production rule there can be maximal 2 non-terminals or 1 terminal symbol (a symbol that represents a constant value) but never non-terminals and terminals mixed
For my course I worked through an example step by step, we started out with 3 production rules:

As you can see i…

Leveling Up!

Although I hastily decided to launch my blog 4 days before my 21st birthday, I think it was the right decision.
Kind of the sort "Do it now or you are never gonna do it after tomorrow"

For my birthday itself - I haven't had a party in two years, so of course I had to do something special for a cake :D

I present to you... my paleontological double-devil-chocolate cake, stacked on a layer of cream and jam!

The skeletons are hand drawn, Wikipedia gives great stencils - I drew them free hand onto the cake. It's easier than drawing them onto baking paper with white chocolate and then transferring the pieces onto the cake...
The night before my birthday I had to travel through the inner city of Munich with a bowl of liquid cake -__- because my stupid oven decided to bake (it's a shared community kitchen - probably some of my neighbours broke it and never reported it)
So I harassed my friend into letting me use his oven at 10pm^^ come on, it's for cake - it's only natur…

Hello World.

I feel like this should be a special moment or something, but with so many blogs out there, hey. This is just me as a tiny person making a blog about what I like - my studies, my hobbies, my photos and stuff.

My first sciency How-To is WIP and fairly easy... anyhow we all start small.

I've got a couple of topics which I would love to turn into How-To's

- CYK algorithm, Formal Languages and Complexity

- Turing Machine, Formal Languages and Complexity

- 20 essential Amino Acids and how you can prepare yourself best before an exam, Biochemistry I

- A summary on what Bioinformatics is (POV student)

- Intro for basic Java programming

- Metabolism, Biochemistry II

- Substitution, Addition, Organic Chemistry

I have got an upcoming exam in Formal Languages and Complexity, so those two themes will be covered first.

*flies away*