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New Years Resolution and Studies

I figure that my post titles are sometimes a real bummer, but honestly I don't know most of the time what else to name them ._.

I am still writing for myself, I guess - I get frequent hits, quite steady in fact^^

Right now I am back to working my way through my Java handbook, so in the New Year there will be a tutorial for Java coming up, as well as a How To on Gibbs Free Energy for Biochemistry.

What are your plans for 2015? The term 'resolutions' annoys me a bit. As if grand character changes are gonna pop up and resolve our lifelong struggles when the clock strikes midnight ._.
We all need motivation, and it's easy if you can kick your own butt to actually do something. 
Last year I wanted to do more sports, read more, get a job and travel.
I have actually achieved all of these goals - to suffice.

That being said, of course you can trick yourself, lie to you. But I don't see any value in that.
I get restless, so I ended up jogging, swimming, taking my first ever martial…

How To - Masses & Solutions 2 - Chemistry

I always had major problems when it came down to calculating the components for solutions and buffers. I don't know why, it should be as easy as A B C but I just couldn't do it.
Now I have found the solution, a formula
Or rather two :)

I hope this can help you out - this should take about 5min to read and understand!

1. Method
You need: Startconc. (initial concentration), Targetconc. (concentration of your target solution), Targetvol. (volume of target solution)

X here is the amount of the stock solution which we need, in millilitres.

Of course you can reconstruct the formula to suit your needs, in the case that you are looking for another attribute than X
2. Method

You need: Startconc., Startvol. (volume in which the concentration of the stock solution is kept), Targetconc., Targetvol.

X is again, the amount which you need, in milllilitres, while A and B are just variables :)

How To - Glyconeogenesis

Since in 2015 the Biochem exam is around the corner in January, we are getting back with the metabolism pathways in our body.
Maybe this is also a good way of keeping the fat level over the holidays in check :p But this post is not about fats - it's Gluyconeogenesis!!
After investing 4 ATP and 2 GTP you will get glucose, this process takes part inside the Mitochondrium and the Cytoplasm
The metabolic pathway which results in the generation of glucose from non-carbohydrate substrates. These substrates which are pyruvate, lactate, glycerol and glucogenic AAs. This pathway is one of the core ones, which monitor our blood glucose levels, to avoid hypoglycemia.
What you have to keep in mind is, that you can't just reverse glycolysis - there were some irreversible steps made in that pathway!!!
First Step: Carbolization and de-Carbolization Enzymes: Pyruvat Carboxylase, PEP Carboxy kinase Components: Pyruvat, Oxalacetat, Phosphoenol-pyruvat (PEP)
This step is to work around one of the irreversi…

Trondheim Trip

Trondheim Trip in December 2014 :D

From the 3rd til 8th of December I was in Norway for the first time in my life. This is my second trip to Scandinavia and I'd like to share with you guys what I was doing for those really tightly packed 6 days

When you set off for you trip, there are some things that could be useful to know:

It get's dark already around 4pm in December - so keep that in mind when you plan to rent a car and don't know the area so well yet.

I took the Vaernesekspressen from Vaernes Airport into the city  which is a 45min drive away (careful the English Version of the site is somehow broken, but Google translate can fully recover all the important information). 
This is for students the cheapest way to get from the airport to Trondheim, it costs usually 150NK for adults, students get a special price of 100NK, if you book online it's even cheaper.

1€ = 8,19NK (from the 3rd December 2014)

Although I have packed a lot of activities into my holiday, the most signif…

Gory Christmas and None the Wiser

Three hours after my injections at the dentist, and I really barely felt anything besides the annoying sound of drilling, but Instill can't feel thr front part of my face.
The eight injections numb the nerves which go from the back of the jaw to the front of my chin.  Besides that I an on painkillers, one tablet of Ibu400 and one antibiotics pill to prevent infections.
All my 4 wisdom teeth were removed over the course if 1 1/2h and genuinly I can say, I was never this thirsty before ._.
I can't eat, drink or smoke (although I don't smoke). Also due to infection risk, it is best to avoid fresh milk products for 3 days and rough foods as well.
I would put pics up, but I fear people would literally throw up on their screens...if not used to blood. Watch the walking dead instead, my mouth looks like the one of a bloody zombie ._.

Still Alive

I know this sucks, but the reason I am not posting anything new right now is, I am backed up again. 
After my Trip at the beginning of December (which is still WIP as a blog post) there were several time table set backs.
And today I am getting removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth, so yeah - that's gonna hurt like a bitch. Painkillers here I come!

New posts are definitely coming, I am just caught up with baking cookies and sitting in a corner crying because I can't eat any after today...

Happy Holidays!