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The Incomprehencible Misapprehension Of An Incorrect Date.

I have spent almost 5 days reading through prep sheets about the fundamentals of Virology for my exam, which was scheduled for this morning.
To be specific, this morning, 3 hours earlier than I anticipated.
I even had time to bake brownies (or so I thought) -___-

But no harm's done, it is actually an additional Masters course (6 credits) and it certainly was very interesting for me, as I am a sucker for diseases and death-bringing particles which utilize our cellular machinery for their own evil plans.

Let's get down to this, I will be reading up on my own blog post in 6 months again, when I am registering for this exam again. By the way, I am fucking mad that I misread the time.

Basics of Virology

There are 4 simple shapes of viruses, here depicted with my fabulous drawing skills:

The two shapes above (A and B) are naked, without an additional protective shell - A as icosahedral naked sphere built up from protomers with the nucleic acid inside, and B as the helical stick-like shaped…

The Tired Brain

I know I have been gone for a long time in blog-units.As of the moment, my internet connection is still pending to install - so basically I am still in the middle of the move into my new nest. Aside from that there were two exams, my long standing visit to Stuttgart (where I have lived for more than 13 years) and some things I probably don't remember anymore.
Oh but there was one which I am very proud to share of :D With 21 I finally got my licence - practical exam on the first try :p
So here is for the thoughts of the day: the tired brain. Enjoy
Closing my eyes I can feel the instant ache over my right eyebrow, as if somebody is knocking on my skull, wanting me to wakeup even if I just closed my eyes for a second. I am short sighted, so that's probably one of the reasons, but I know, I can feel that this is one of the days where my brain is telling me it will decompose any minute now if I don't find a way to relax it.
Relaxing is hard. It's the most comfortable thing in the …