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Well shit, this is embarassing.
I figured last night, why is it That my awesome blog with an awesome name has no awesome followers who swear as much as me?
Turns out, as a blogging newbie I didn't know how to enable my blog to be followed.
It's live now, so if you don't want to miss out on awesome tutorials which otherwise you have to work your ass off - hit the follower button to the right (everytime you view my blog but don't follow, somebody drops a deuce into your yard)

How To - Complex Numbers

We have reached the part about my studies which I don't enjoy so much.
There is of course lots more to it than the few tutorials I can upload - especially since right now I am really busy studying for the exams to come, but here you go!

A How-To about calculating with Complex Numbers (takes up to 10min to understand)

The first part here focuses on complex numbers in their algebraic form, I will edit this tutorial however, to show you the polar-coordinate form, as soon as I have time :p

When starting out with this topic, you will soon encounter the variable i .
Because i is defined as i^2 = -1 we can extend our Real Numbers so that the formula becomes solvable: x^2 +1 = 0

In the algebraic form complex numbers are written as z = x + iy

If you want to work with complex numbers, these 4 rules will help you solve the test question at the end :)

1. Addition

2. Subtraction

3. Multiplication

4. Division
In division it can become a bit chaotic, just keep your head calm and form the conjugate of …

How To - Java Hello World

Hey guys, new year, new motivation, new yay.
This is the start of my How To Java - so let's go :D

When you start with any programming language and the additional self-t(orturing)eaching lecture, they will introduce you with this exercise

public class HelloWorld{
     public static void main(String[ ] args){
          System.out.println("Hello World");

This non-humanity-threatening message is all cute 'n' shit but what exactly does it mean?
This is already a fully functional program, so you deserve to be proud of yourself, but let's break this down:

The first line in your code is usually gonna be your class name. Names are important, it is how you will later on find your program (or class) after you stored it away in your workspace somewhere, to incorporate it into a more complex program. 
So classname here is HelloWorld.
The curly bracket after your class name opens up to the body of your program - very good to remember will be how many of those brackets you ope…

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore

Happy Birthday to my home country. I love the food, the warm weather - even the occasionally strong storm, it can be very refreshing.
But there is something that even a storm could not yet unearth or wash away from thoughts, something that bothers me about my birth town.

We have grown, into a multinational country. Welcoming people and investors from all over the world (I am sure you know that the government implemented many benefits for investors) and yet, some of us are denied basic democratic rights.

I don't see why.
It were all the citizens of our nation that aspired to change the face of a small country, everybody; not only muslims, christians, vegetarians and SG Lion Club fans.
In this 50th year of our home country. We still discriminate people who are in love, for the only reason that we don't agree with the gender of one of them. What makes me sad is, this illogical path we keep following, could easily right so many wrong doings that have happened in the past.
I beg of our pol…