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The New Semester - 6.

The first week of the new semester is over.
I totally forgot that I wanted to do a post each time a new semester starts, so sorry, her it is ._.

The next 5 months will consist of me struggling against programming in Algorithmic Bioinformatics, which has a 50% homework hurdle to be entitled to take the exam at the end of the term, 
Formal Language & Complexity for which I already have a tutorial on one of the topics,
Algorithms and Datastructures, Logic & Diskrete Structures and last but not least Statistics.

Some people might wonder, thinking "hey, she was supposed to pass all those exams in the past semesters already - what a looser"
Well fuck you too :)
I am well aware that the 6. semester is (on paper) the term in which you write your bachelor thesis and start applying for the Master courses already, unfortunately not all of us make the cut in exact 6 terms.
I am where I am, like many other students too. Sure, there are those that pass every course in flying colors and th…

The ROSALIND Platform

Hey guys, I was introduced to this fantastic platform a couple of days ago (probably would have been useful 2 years ago already).
It's called the ROSALIND Platform and is a mainly bioinformatics exercise website, where you are challenged to engage real bioinformatics problems and brainbugs.

I have started 2 days ago, and am very happy to say, I may not have made my Asian ancestors proud - but less ashamed^^

As you can see, the problems are organised in a Tree or List, from easy to tough and there is the possibility to add more problems if you come up with one yourself.

You are not bound by the system to finish off the easy exercises before the hard ones, but I would advise you to start simple. I stumbled over a couple of silly mistakes in the beginning -_- so yeah. Go for it.

The problems listed here, are form the section Bioinformatics Stronghold, but there are also others like Python Village (with an introduction on how to install and work it) and a more theoretical maths section cal…

From Where We Come

Hey there, still writing for myself

I am sitting 1 1/2h away from my last exam for this winter semester, studying in the cafeteria - the sun is shining like mad for the first time this year.
I just remembered while looking at my course material at precipitated DNA that I have seen this before somewhere. Not in a lab, it was the open day at Tübingen University when I was 10 I think ._.
My parents took my sister and me there, I wanted to play The Sims instead and ended up having a fight with my father, because he always kept saying  deep voice"This is very important for your future, now get in the car!"
My sister tried backing me up, but in the end we went. It was fun, most of the time I didn't understand any of the things that were going on around me, I realize now that there were lectures being held, some 'easy' stuff for potential freshmen.  I was looking for freebies. Balloons and stuff, some pens maybe (even now I still collect pens on conventions - you don't expe…