Leveling Up!

Although I hastily decided to launch my blog 4 days before my 21st birthday, I think it was the right decision.
Kind of the sort "Do it now or you are never gonna do it after tomorrow"

For my birthday itself - I haven't had a party in two years, so of course I had to do something special for a cake :D

I present to you... my paleontological double-devil-chocolate cake, stacked on a layer of cream and jam!

The skeletons are hand drawn, Wikipedia gives great stencils - I drew them free hand onto the cake. It's easier than drawing them onto baking paper with white chocolate and then transferring the pieces onto the cake...

The night before my birthday I had to travel through the inner city of Munich with a bowl of liquid cake -__-
because my stupid oven decided to bake (it's a shared community kitchen - probably some of my neighbours broke it and never reported it)

So I harassed my friend into letting me use his oven at 10pm^^
come on, it's for cake - it's only natural to try everything...

I'm quite happy how the design worked out^^btw, if you use ready made sugar writing like me, be sure to knead the tubes and put them in the freezer for about 20min, so the sugar doesn't get too liquid and mess up your details.
The teeth were sharpened with toothpicks ;)

A great thanks to my friends, for the lovely time they spent with me and the gifts they brought me!!


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