Dobby is free now!

Of this day today... I am free

Or at least for this part of my semester.
Yesterday night I held a presentation that went 45min long about the "Practical Limitations of Protein Function Prediction" for my main seminar in the 5th semester of Bioinformatics.

Since yesterday I have slept alot. I didn't go to bed the past 3 weeks earlier than 3 am, which likewise proved counterproductive for the rest of the days, I usually started work around night. 6pm is my work intensive phase, 
at least my brain seems to feel that way ._.

This week I won't be going to class anymore until Monday again, instead I will be working up the stuff I missed last week and then additionally to that, transfer my other posts from Weebly to Blogger.

Wouldn't want all that hard work go to waste would we?


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