5th Semester

First day back in Uni, to whom it may concern - I study in two institutions:

The old and prestigious Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich and the young, energetic Technical University in Munich (TUM).

Basically we have courses in both campuses and I have to travel more than 15km occasionally during a normal day.

Sponsor of drugs - Emmi sponsors our uni every year with thousands of ready-to-go coffees at the start of a new semester, I really feel appreciated :D THANKYOU EMMI ❤️

This semester we get to pick extra curriculum courses of our choice,

my first one was Evolutionary Genetics and the second was rather a happy accident^^

Right after Evol.Gen. The class Virology 1 starts next door - and I clearly can say, I have a thing for highly infectious diseases and their agents.


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