Hello World.

I feel like this should be a special moment or something, but with so many blogs out there, hey. This is just me as a tiny person making a blog about what I like - my studies, my hobbies, my photos and stuff.

My first sciency How-To is WIP and fairly easy... anyhow we all start small.

I've got a couple of topics which I would love to turn into How-To's

- CYK algorithm, Formal Languages and Complexity

- Turing Machine, Formal Languages and Complexity

- 20 essential Amino Acids and how you can prepare yourself best before an exam, Biochemistry I

- A summary on what Bioinformatics is (POV student)

- Intro for basic Java programming

- Metabolism, Biochemistry II

- Substitution, Addition, Organic Chemistry

I have got an upcoming exam in Formal Languages and Complexity, so those two themes will be covered first.

*flies away*


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