Norway in December - it's not cold enough here!

Hey guys, I just booked my flight to a friend of mine :)

In December I will travel from Munich over Oslo to Trondheim.
Although it is South-ish and in the middle of Norway I hope to catch some Northern lights,
since on my last trip in April, the lights were considerably weak that night.

Oh and something else - when you fly to Norway, book via SAS - don't ever go to Norwegian airlines...

I planned my trip for 3 weeks now and Norwegian went up pretty steep with its prices,
which is okay and perfectly normal if you don't buy your ticket exactly 3 months earlier to get the early bird price - but they charged separately for your ticket; your luggage (both ways); for your seats (since i stop in Oslo, I need 4 flights in total = 4 seats) ans accommodations, like a blanket or snacks are prices up, too.

Luckily my guardian angel or so declined my credit card 5 times when I wanted to finalise my booking.
So I panicked and checked over at SAS,
I didn't look there before because I thought that fancy looking website is gonna be expensive...

It turned out to be 60€ cheaper, plus 23kg free luggage + hand luggage + free snacks and drink 




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