Shifting and weird dated Posts following

Initially I launched my first Blog on - I did not know very much about the blogger world out there.
My former blog has the same name there, at the moment it is still active (

It's been a little over a month now, and I want to move all my posts over here.

Why the hassle you might wonder (or not because you don't really give a damn)?

Weebly charges for the premium version of their blogs, without that you basically loose oversight over your own blog,
visitors won't be able to find my tutorials because the amount of tutorials with the same label will become too much, eventually.

They don't support a proper following protocol, people will drop by once, forget your name and gone they are again...

I don't really care if I gain more followers by shifting to Blogger, all I want to do is put out my tutorials for Bioinformatics and keep this as my own archive^^ -
with the opportunity for people to find help,
maybe they don't have to start from rock bottom like me :D


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