WIP - I am backed up

I know it's the start of a new semester and I don't have homework and blah...
But I have a presentation in 3 weeks, which was I think 75% for a course + 25% participation in the discussion of other presentations.
Basically you learn how to work out a topic and present it to your classmates / future science colleagues.

I just happen to be the 4th this semester.
The documentation to my presentation will probably be uploaded after that,
my topic is "Practical Limitations of Function Prediction"

Just to make sure you guys don't think I am lazy...

Yes, I use a Mac... But I also work with Linux and Windows...
Currently on the stack of WIP are:

- Gluconeogenesis
- Linear Regression
- Metabolism
- Hardy Weinberg Law
- Introduction to Java

The order of these topics doesn't mean anything, basically I do what I need most at the time and when I get overly OCD because I have unfinished parts... like Intro to Java... or the Gluconeogenesis :O

You can take bets on what comes out next, I won't participate though, because it would be unfair if I know what I will be doing then :D


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