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Hey there, coming week I have midterms for Methods of Biochemistry 2, simultaneously I'm reading "the search for the oldest stars" by Anna Frebel.

I reached page 92 today, and so far I can say this book easily communicates Astrophysics in an understandable form. It is very interesting and not dry-written at all; my only concern lies in how much emphasis the author put on the work of female scientists and assistants in her book.
Don't get me wrong, there is still a huge gap of recognition between the same amount of work men and women do, and it is of grave importance to remember who contributed something truly and not only because they were more accepted at the time (not only female assistants and scientists, but also jewish, who were prosecuted before and during WW2 i.e.)
Miss Frebel seems to fangirl during the chapters which already I read, about science and especially the women of science.
But that's just something I noticed. After all she dedicates this book to "All the great Women of Science"

I only note this because I don't want others who might read this book put it off somehow as some "feminist bullcrap" of some sorts. This book is good, and explains to complete n00bs how element synthesis enables us to bake apple pie

I hope you enjoy this little review :)


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