Bill Nye fights Creationists and Burnout

The day has 24 hours and although we never fill them, I feel tired in the morning. Even when I get to bed at 10pm (which is early - me grownup, me no need for sleep) or so, in the morning I feel fatigue already :/

Nonetheless, thinking about projects keeps me moving. For those who don't know me - I am currently doing some stuff:

I am taking my driving licence now (yeah I am 21, but fuck you if you laugh about that xD ),
Next month I am moving from my current student apartment into another place,
I got the first EvoGen exam coming up, as well as Methods of Biochemistry 1...,
And to top it all off... I need to remove my wisdom teeth.

of all this only the last point makes me worry though. But it is necessary... all my friends scare me that it is very painful to remove them under local anaesthesia >__< and truth be told, I hoped after my milk teeth and my braces that this was the last time I'd to go to a dentist for more than just a checkup.

But every cloud has their silver lining:
This morning I watched the interview between Bill Nye (theScienceGuy :D ) and Bill Maher on Youtube Bill Nye's reaction to debating Ken Ham and I must say - this got me out of bed.
This passion, to defend science against narrow-mindedness (and I don't mean to just fend off Creationism and religious fractions, but try to find consensus and further knowledge) is why I want to become what I hope to become.
I streamed the original debate on February 4th but it was very late at the time in Munich, so I had to get off about one and a half hours into the debate^^

Today I ordered my copy of Bill Nye's book "Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation" and I plan to send it to him, to sign it - once I have read it through. I know. But I can dream .__.

I had to order it online, because my favorite book store hadn't planned on stocking it - the science section is fairly small, but their online site had it with free delivery :D
But since I was there and I didn't want to miss out on looking for interesting books, I found this:

The search for the most ancient stars, by Anna Frebel, is an introductory book about astrophysics and astronomy.
It is written in the first hand view of Anna Frebel, a young and uprising astrophysicist who had discovered the yet oldest star, which has been dated into the second generation of stars right after our cosmos came into existence after the big bang.

I bought the book 11 hours ago and I am already on page 53 :D I can only recomend it!


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