Metabolism - Biochemistry

Hey guys - although we entered into Biochemistry with the post about Glycolysis 
I have a little summary here,
what metabolism in general is going to be for me, during this semester.

"Metabolism is the summed up lot of chemical reactions in our bodily cells, which we living organisms need to extract energy (in form of food and minerals) to perform actions, grow, heal or improve our physical self."

Because energy seldom comes in the form our cells can use it right away, we need processes to breakdown bigger chunks - catabolic processes - i.e. Glycolysis (greek for sugar-splitting), I mean this example is awesome, because stuff is literally being broken down.
And also energy is won from this reaction.

On the other hand side, we are not just a machine that consumes and spits out product 1:1
Our body has the possibility to store energy for later on
(yeah, shake that fat belly - don't worry it's potential energy is over 9000).
ANYWAY. So called anabolic processes release energy, or rather spend it for the actions we perform.
Be it subconscious things like basic body functions or running.
Any anabolic reaction will end up making you spend energy.

How these metabolic pathways work in detail - and still stay short enough for you to gulp down before an exam, I will explain in future tutorials :)

There you go - a sciency post without coffee.
Where would I get if I made myself look like a starbucks-swinging-beauty-blogger


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