Remember, remember the 5th of November

One of my favorite movies.

How often do I hear this sentence, every time when it is not us, ourselves saying it I cannot help but wonder.
If it is true, truly something people fondly think of when remembering the short flicks on polaroid^^

V for Vendetta, I tend to like movies with an action filled plot, but mostly I like intriguing, charismatic and strong characters.
Something we can identify with, i.e. Nothing pisses me personally off, like a whining, weak damsel in distress - weeping to be saved or at least spared.

People only intrest me if they grow in the face of struggle.
That thought sometimes scares me of myself, what happens if I should stop growing?
What will we become if we loose our drive?

Now that is something interesting to think of ;)

A happy 5th November to you - try and do something that interrupts the system in a POSITIVE way. For the greater good and stuff


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