The Evolution of Sex Part 1

First of all, we still don't really know why sex developed in the first place.
I mean for all the longtime singles out there, who desperately want a baby to give on their genes to the next generation (if you really just want to reproduce... uhm, maybe go and see a psychologist first?)  - things would be so much easier if they could just duplicate themselves.

Voilá - perfect copy.

But you see, the problem here is - it's just a copy. There is nothing new about it. This might work for now for you, but we live in an ever-changing world.
Technology changes and if you don't adapt, you will find yourselves as clueless about gadgets just like your grandma when you first tried to explain to her how CSGO Players talk to each other via teamspeak in-game.

But no innovation isn't the only problem.
What if your genome suffers a deleterious mutation? You can't go to one of your other clones, that didn't have that mutation and say "Oi, give me that, mine broke"
Because you reproduce asexual :D
You can only put more copies out of yourself - which in your case, will all be broken.
That gene is never to come back. Sorry bro.
There were different mechanisms proposed to explain the differences in sexual and asexual reproduction in the evolution of sex and why sexual reproduction is more successful than the former, although the cost is bigger:
Sexual reproduction works on preferences, which means in order to procreate YOU need to:
  • look good
  • have skills that make you fitter, compared to the competition
  • in general all kinds of benefits that are practical

Of course the 'look good' factor became only increasingly more important as time passed, nowadays you need to be able to fit into society, have a great job which equals into more money and therefor makes you more desirable (unless, true love and stuff) ._.
But a shallow person would always pick a rich and pretty person over a rich and ugly one as their partner. That's just how the world is.

As I was saying. Sexual reproduction has proven for itself to be faster, more adaptable, lost genes can be recovered over time and genetic diversity is easier to achieve.
While asexual repro has to wait for a 'lucky' mutation (something that isn't harmful for it's fitness AND benefitiary at the same time),
sexual reproduction enables individuals to pick their partner according to which features they would like to give on to their kids.
There is no guarantee that the offspring gets it, but the chances are higher.


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