How To - Masses & Solutions 2 - Chemistry

I always had major problems when it came down to calculating the components for solutions and buffers. I don't know why, it should be as easy as A B C but I just couldn't do it.
Now I have found the solution, a formula
Or rather two :)

I hope this can help you out - this should take about 5min to read and understand!

1. Method
You need: Startconc. (initial concentration), Targetconc. (concentration of your target solution), Targetvol. (volume of target solution)

X here is the amount of the stock solution which we need, in millilitres.

Of course you can reconstruct the formula to suit your needs, in the case that you are looking for another attribute than X

2. Method

You need: Startconc., Startvol. (volume in which the concentration of the stock solution is kept), Targetconc., Targetvol.

X is again, the amount which you need, in milllilitres, while A and B are just variables :)


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