New Years Resolution and Studies

I figure that my post titles are sometimes a real bummer, but honestly I don't know most of the time what else to name them ._.

I am still writing for myself, I guess - I get frequent hits, quite steady in fact^^

Right now I am back to working my way through my Java handbook, so in the New Year there will be a tutorial for Java coming up, as well as a How To on Gibbs Free Energy for Biochemistry.

What are your plans for 2015? The term 'resolutions' annoys me a bit. As if grand character changes are gonna pop up and resolve our lifelong struggles when the clock strikes midnight ._.
We all need motivation, and it's easy if you can kick your own butt to actually do something. 
Last year I wanted to do more sports, read more, get a job and travel.
I have actually achieved all of these goals - to suffice.

That being said, of course you can trick yourself, lie to you. But I don't see any value in that.
I get restless, so I ended up jogging, swimming, taking my first ever martial arts lessons - next summer semester I am having my white-yellow striped belt examination in Taekwondo :)
I read a bit more, not as much as I'd hoped to, and mostly not books but scientific papers...
But I traveled and worked. And that is something I am looking forward to, again.
Work fulfils me, gives me routine, daily rhythm and a place to be.

I hope you can find something like that, too, that will pay your rent

My plans for the coming year are:
- a steady job in programming
- read more novels/stories
- travel with my sister
- keep pushing to ace my exams

You are welcome to join me.



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