Happy 50th Birthday Singapore

Happy Birthday to my home country. I love the food, the warm weather - even the occasionally strong storm, it can be very refreshing.
But there is something that even a storm could not yet unearth or wash away from thoughts, something that bothers me about my birth town.

We have grown, into a multinational country. Welcoming people and investors from all over the world (I am sure you know that the government implemented many benefits for investors) and yet, some of us are denied basic democratic rights.

I don't see why.
It were all the citizens of our nation that aspired to change the face of a small country, everybody; not only muslims, christians, vegetarians and SG Lion Club fans.
In this 50th year of our home country.
We still discriminate people who are in love, for the only reason that we don't agree with the gender of one of them.
What makes me sad is, this illogical path we keep following, could easily right so many wrong doings that have happened in the past.

I beg of our politicians to revoke the obsolete statement with which we discriminate people among us, who contribute to society as much as every straight SG citizen.

Sexuality should not be a reason to be punished, cast out or physically assaulted; this post is not the debate wether or if sexual preferences are a choice or not.
Clearly you wouldn't beat somebody up just because he chooses to eat meat, or if he cannot eat milk products because he is lactose intolerant.
In these examples it doesn't matter if it a choice or an allergic reaction.

(honestly if you do beat people up over such minor reasons, I hope you got your ass beat too) 

There are more pressing matters than what happens behind closed bedroom doors, or trying to stop people cuddling in a cinema. 
People can't convince me that our society leaves so much room for improvement, just because they saw a homosexual couple holding hands along the street.

Like John Lennon said "We live in a World where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad Daylight"

For those who think I didn't concern myself enough with this topic, these are the core arguments that I have heard and also focused on:

- family values deteriorate
A child that witnesses the divorce of his parents at a age between and y/o is severely damaged. Divorce doesn't support traditional family values. But it is legal.
There are parentless children in orphanages, and because YOU think it is damaging for them to grow up with two dads you rip every chance of them, to find their place in a happy family sooner. And if you tell me now that some family will come along (heterosexual family) and adopt these kids eventually, well you are truly a terrible person to talk. Children are not goods on the discount aisle - people don't pick them up when the shop wants to clear the stocks. These children deserve every single chance that they can be offered to a happy life.

- I don't feel right about a child growing up in a gay environment, they will force their sexual preferences on the kids once they hit puberty and are confused (seriously I got this one alot) 
A "gay" environment? Obviously gay people raise only gay children. I mean the first gay person popped up like a mushroom and suddenly started making other people gay. I sincerely hope you can read the sarcasm here .____. 
Your personal preference is not welcome here. The overall benefits are what is in question. The child grows up with parents who guide him into his life, support and love him. And i can guarantee you that if confusion in his puberty arises, his parents will be the last ones to judge.

- Being gay is a sin!
Please leave my blog and never never never ever come back.
I am roman catholic and honestly I don't give two shits about my religion or other people's. If you are not gay this is literally not your fucking business. Now get of my blog.

Keep fighting for equality. We are all human - use your energy to change things that matter!


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