How To - Complex Numbers

We have reached the part about my studies which I don't enjoy so much.
There is of course lots more to it than the few tutorials I can upload - especially since right now I am really busy studying for the exams to come, but here you go!

A How-To about calculating with Complex Numbers (takes up to 10min to understand)

The first part here focuses on complex numbers in their algebraic form, I will edit this tutorial however, to show you the polar-coordinate form, as soon as I have time :p

When starting out with this topic, you will soon encounter the variable i .
Because i is defined as i^2 = -1 we can extend our Real Numbers so that the formula becomes solvable: x^2 +1 = 0

In the algebraic form complex numbers are written as z = x + iy

If you want to work with complex numbers, these 4 rules will help you solve the test question at the end :)

1. Addition

2. Subtraction

3. Multiplication

4. Division

In division it can become a bit chaotic, just keep your head calm and form the conjugate of the denominator, and add it like so to our equation:

Exercise for the nerdy ones: 
z = i/(1-2i)^2 

Hope this was helpful to you guys :)

Solution to the exercise:
(4/25) - (3i/25)


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