The Incomprehencible Misapprehension Of An Incorrect Date.

I have spent almost 5 days reading through prep sheets about the fundamentals of Virology for my exam, which was scheduled for this morning.
To be specific, this morning, 3 hours earlier than I anticipated.
I even had time to bake brownies (or so I thought) -___-

But no harm's done, it is actually an additional Masters course (6 credits) and it certainly was very interesting for me, as I am a sucker for diseases and death-bringing particles which utilize our cellular machinery for their own evil plans.

Let's get down to this, I will be reading up on my own blog post in 6 months again, when I am registering for this exam again. By the way, I am fucking mad that I misread the time.

Basics of Virology

There are 4 simple shapes of viruses, here depicted with my fabulous drawing skills:

The two shapes above (A and B) are naked, without an additional protective shell - A as icosahedral naked sphere built up from protomers with the nucleic acid inside, and B as the helical stick-like shaped virus which looks like a zylinder with the protomers shaped around the helical packaged nucleic acid.

The same two shapes come in an extra packaging made up form envelope surface proteins and glycoproteins which look like spikes from afar - C and D each as icosahedral, enveloped and helical, enveloped.

What you can grasp upon below is my fancy drawing of a human cell with the example of a replication cycle (here single stranded (+) RNA virus)

I will be looking further into the replication the next time, right now I am still too mad and angry about the whole thing.
What you should know is, that not every virus replicates in the cytoplasm, it strictly depends on the kind of virus (RNA or DNA) and which charge the nucleic acid has. In example the (+) charged RNA virus acts upon entry inside a host cell like a normal messenger RNA from the host core. 
That's why it can be directly translated into proteins and reproduced in the cytoplasm.

Thanks for listening to my rant, I am going now and double/triple checking all my scheduled appointments in my mobile phone.
Fuck my Life.

Next up: A photo series with the title "Pretty Pictures of my Apartment, which will hopefully not inspire burglars to break in. I should consider buying a Baseball Bat for my Safety"

Yours truly


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