From Where We Come

Hey there, still writing for myself

I am sitting 1 1/2h away from my last exam for this winter semester, studying in the cafeteria - the sun is shining like mad for the first time this year.

I just remembered while looking at my course material at precipitated DNA that I have seen this before somewhere.
Not in a lab, it was the open day at Tübingen University when I was 10 I think ._.

My parents took my sister and me there, I wanted to play The Sims instead and ended up having a fight with my father, because he always kept saying 
deep voice "This is very important for your future, now get in the car!"

My sister tried backing me up, but in the end we went.
It was fun, most of the time I didn't understand any of the things that were going on around me, I realize now that there were lectures being held, some 'easy' stuff for potential freshmen. 
I was looking for freebies. Balloons and stuff, some pens maybe (even now I still collect pens on conventions - you don't expect me to pay for my writing gear as a student, do you??) and there was this girl sitting in the corridor with some other students in white lab coats, at microscopes.
I liked those, in school only the older kids were allowed to use them, and they still managed to break them ._____.

My family took us to these events several times during the year.
We have seen the EADS - The European Aeronautic Defense & Space Company, The German Museum of Sciences in Munich (ha I live here now),
The Archäeologic Reptile Museum in Stuttgart and several different Art museums in and around Stuttgart.

Whenever we traveled my mother made sure we saw at least one museum.
And for christmas my sis and I received each a set of math books (sadly not a joke).

But I am happy where this brought me.
A simple thanks, Mum and Dad.

I stil go to museums by the way, but I prefere the art ones


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