The New Semester - 6.

The first week of the new semester is over.
I totally forgot that I wanted to do a post each time a new semester starts, so sorry, her it is ._.

The next 5 months will consist of me struggling against programming in Algorithmic Bioinformatics, which has a 50% homework hurdle to be entitled to take the exam at the end of the term, 
Formal Language & Complexity for which I already have a tutorial on one of the topics,
Algorithms and Datastructures, Logic & Diskrete Structures and last but not least Statistics.

Some people might wonder, thinking "hey, she was supposed to pass all those exams in the past semesters already - what a looser"
Well fuck you too :)
I am well aware that the 6. semester is (on paper) the term in which you write your bachelor thesis and start applying for the Master courses already, unfortunately not all of us make the cut in exact 6 terms.
I am where I am, like many other students too. Sure, there are those that pass every course in flying colors and then some.
But apart from knowing where I am, the most important thing is to know, where I am going.

Nobody wants to wake up after 4 years and then feel like they wasted a chunk of their lifetime away.

Things don't always go the way we plan them, especially if you try to pick up all the pieces behind someone you used to care for.
Love what you do, and if you want it, keep going. All things worth having (like this education) are hard to come by. 

                                               ~I can, because I want, what I must~

This post got way too serious in the middle there ._. I guess it still stings a little
Here, have a potato


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