The ROSALIND Platform

Hey guys, I was introduced to this fantastic platform a couple of days ago (probably would have been useful 2 years ago already).
It's called the ROSALIND Platform and is a mainly bioinformatics exercise website, where you are challenged to engage real bioinformatics problems and brainbugs.

I have started 2 days ago, and am very happy to say, I may not have made my Asian ancestors proud - but less ashamed^^

As you can see, the problems are organised in a Tree or List, from easy to tough and there is the possibility to add more problems if you come up with one yourself.

You are not bound by the system to finish off the easy exercises before the hard ones, but I would advise you to start simple. I stumbled over a couple of silly mistakes in the beginning -_- so yeah. Go for it.

The problems listed here, are form the section Bioinformatics Stronghold, but there are also others like Python Village (with an introduction on how to install and work it) and a more theoretical maths section called Algorithmic Heights.

Some of you might be familiar with the Project Euler, which is more math oriented. But frankly, I lost interest in those exercises soon. I wasn't getting in touch with the problems in my course like I do now, with the Bioinformatics platform - and mostly also because I need to gain something more than just ticking off the exercises from my list ._.

The Rosalind Platform has a very simple way to motivate you.
They have achievements ._____.
I am a sucker for achievements and badges.
Which look fancy:

As you can probably tell, I am at the very beginning of my journey here. But I am happy^^

You can also review your international position, how long it will take you to make the top 100. At the moment the user leafmoon is holding the top score - but hey, watch out - in a year or so I might be coming for him :D

Happy coding!


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